Gift Voucher: The Flying Start


Two hands on flying lessons of about an hour each and which can be taken on the same or different days just as you wish.

The log book is FREE

Vouchers will be posted to you after purchasing.


In the first lesson your instructor will show you the effects of the primary controls and hand over to you to have a go at flying the aircraft, first straight, then level, then both straight and level together. You’ll spend most of the hour hands on whilst flying over the rolling hills of Northamptonshire or the Lincolnshire Fenlands to the North Sea Coast.

The second lesson allows you to develop your skills. You will be shown the secondary effects of the controls along with the use of power, how trim eases the workload and why we have flaps to aid the approach and landing back at our home airfield. You can try your hand at following line features like a motorway or the great drainage dykes of the area. Try flying gentle turns around a town or a cloud! See if you can navigate back to our home airfield. That’s 2 hours dual flying instruction and now you can enter the flight in your log book, a present from Ampsair.