Flying Courses

The National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL) with Microlight Rating

You have to complete at least 25 hours flying instruction of which at least 10 hours must be solo including two solo land away cross-country flights.

There are 5 exams to be passed – Air Law, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, Navigation and Aeroplane Technical. We can provide you with as much ground school as you need; add to that some home study particularly on the questions and answers which we will give you and you will pass the exams.

Finally you take a General Flying Test; when successfully completed you qualify for an NPPL with a microlight rating. You can then fly a microlight as pilot in command; you can also take a passenger.

Ground School

Your instructor can provide you with tutorials over a full day, half day or by the hour. Tuition can cover any or all of Air Law, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, Navigation and Aeroplane Technical. Besides delivering the subject matter you need to know we use an extensive bank of questions, created in house and give you notes as well.

Radio Licence Course

Five hours ground school guides you through the complexities of the requirements on everyone who operates an aircraft radio. You will be given comprehensive course notes, practice many sample calls and work through questions covering all relevant aspects of radio. The course is followed by the radio licence theory exam taken in house and a practical exam taken with an external examiner.

Assistant Flying Instructors Rating

The course requires that you complete a minimum of 15 hours flying and a minimum of 40 hours ground school. This normally takes between 15 and 20 days. You can work five days a week or you can give yourself more time for the homework by attending two or three days a week.

The course is a demanding one with the aim of teaching you to be able to teach. You will practice pre-flight briefings, teaching in the air, preparing lectures and answering student questions. There are pre-entry requirements which include a written exam and a flight test; both can be taken with us.

Microlight to Light Aircraft Upgrade

To fly light aircraft up to 2,000kg and with up to 4 seats you’ll need to add the Simple Single Engine Aircraft rating to your NPPL. Flying training includes the hours you need to become confident with the heavier aircraft, slow flight, stall/spin awareness, and instrument appreciation. The course is completed with the Navigation Skill Test and the General Skill Test.

Sheffield steelworks in the snow, taken from our Ikarus by Craig Cundey