Gift Voucher – The 45 Minute Trial Flight


Vouchers will be posted to you after purchasing.


The whole experience including the briefings and 45 minutes of flight time logged from brakes off to brakes on lasts about an hour and three quarters.

In flight and up to 20 miles away from our home airfield you can experience the pleasures of flight, admire the view from half a mile high, then take photographs. Your instructor will show you the effects of controls and hand over to you to have a go at controlling the aircraft, flying straight, then level, then both straight and level together.

For most of the flight control of the aircraft can be yours. Try flying gentle turns around a town or a cloud or following line features like a railway or a river! See if you can navigate back to our home airfield.

Bring a camera to have your picture taken beside the aircraft on your return and we’ll present you with a certificate to mark the occasion.